I am sorry I haven’t been able to update this little place as often as I would like to.  Here are just a few peeks of life lately in pictures from my Instagram account.

I have been working on a few projects that I am not able to share yet, but here are a few personal ones that I can.  One thing that has helped me with work lately is waking up early in the morning while everybody is still sleeping.  This is a huge thing for me, as I have always been a night owl, but it works a lot better than staying up really late.

Our little family is so ready for spring to come (and stay)! So far this week some of us are teething, some are fighting colds, some are busy reading new books, some are trying to catch up on emails and work (…) while we have a house full of pretty flowers from my birthday last Saturday.

Have a beautiful week, dears! x


2/12, Feb 2015
2/12, Feb 2015

Samuel, a few of his favorite things this month: memory games, building forts, reading time with mom and dad, counting objects, bubble baths, peanut butter, jam and banana sandwiches, orange juice, red peppers, making his sister laugh, drawing his capital letters, painting with watercolors, liking “The Oh Hellos” band.

Nine months old Emma, a few of her favorite things: crawling like a pro, getting up leaning on something and being really proud of herself, clapping, nursing and snuggling with mama, blueberries, chewing on everything (but still no teeth), laughing at her brother, play with her daddy’s beard,  falling asleep in her baby carrier when we’re out and about.