snail1snail2Lately, I’ve been having a hard time finding that perfect balance between work and life, if there’s even such a thing.  With little ones around I have learned that I am always adjusting and adapting to each stage, going through seasons that come and go, but also seasons that will never come back.  Because of the latest, I have been trying to savor every precious moment with my little ones.

And since postings on this little space and work has been going pretty slow, here are a few illustrations for some cards that I’ve been working on. I’ve been loving illustrating snails lately, maybe there’s a connection somewhere? ;)


wip wipHere is a sneak peek/ work in progress illustration part of a project that I started back in 2014. Hopefully, I will share what this is about by the end of August. Also, how CUTE is the horse that Sammy drew?

Happy July dears! Again, I might be a little late with the new calendar, but stay tuned! Xx


Samuel / He is a little book worm, always wanting to be read to, always flipping through books and magazines. I love that about him. Last weekend we created a cardboard “library” together out of an old Ikea box.  The first night he wanted to sleep in there, but soon realized that his bed is way softer. :)

Emma / She started walking on her own a few weeks ago and she is becoming better at it each day.  She is always interested in pretty much everything big brother is doing and she recently started to give him the sweetest hugs.  She is a talker, a great little dancer, watermelon eater and a hand full, but as cute as can be.